The Saker falcon is a species that can use all available food sources. It is adapted for hunting in open areas, such as semi-desert and desert steppes, and will accept any available prey. We were able to determine the diet of the Saker falcon from material collected in and near the nest (pellets and feathers). Due to the lack of bones in the pellets, we were unable to determine exactly which mammals were eaten, though these were likely mice and voles from nearby areas. Collected bird remains (primarily feathers) were used to subsequently identify the following species: Passer domesticus, Sturnus vulgaris, Vanellus vanellus, Streptopelia decaocto, Columba livia, Pica pica, Corvus cornix, Corvus monedula, Phasianus colchicus and Faco tinnunculus. This list shows that the Saker falcon takes all available food.


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