The Saker falcon has never been the subject of research in Croatia, and therefore there are no substantial and continuous data on this species. For these reasons, we do not know the size of the population in Croatia over history, nor do we know all of the causes that threaten its survival. Comprehensive research has been carried out over the past three years, and a great deal of data collected.

During 2009, as part of the Matra/KNIP Programme of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we carried out the project entitled Saker Falcon in Croatia. This project included the successful mapping of power transmission lines with accompanying poles, which will significantly facilitate our future field work. We established good cooperation with HEP, which is necessary to ensure the quality of research we intend to continue. Thanks to this project, two young female Saker falcons from two nests were saved from death, and we are working to raise them so that they can survive in nature when released.

In comparison with the period up to 2006, when we had virtually no knowledge of the Saker falcon in Croatia, the results of this project are encouraging. They have also obliged us to continue our research and to improve the conservation of the Saker falcon in Croatia.


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